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Home of the Jumbo Crab

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5775 S US Highway 1

Rockledge, FL 32955

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• Quail

• Duck

• Escargot

• Boudine - hot and mild

• Alligator - meat and gator sausage

• Bay Shore soups - lobster bisque, crab bisque, Manhattan clam chowder, New England clam chowder, conch chowder, shrimp and corn chowder

More than just fish

Shellfish galore

• Blue crabs - live, cleaned, steamed

• Fresh picked blue crabmeat - jumbo lump, lump, claw, cocktail claw

• Lobster - live Maine lobster, Maine lobster tail, Florida lobster tails,  Maine lobster meat

• Shrimp - Rock shrimp, coconut shrimp, peeled and deveined shrimp, cocktail shrimp, wild caught white shrimp, royal red shrimp, key west pink shrimp

• Clams - Florida hard shell, New England steamers (Ipswich), chopped, stuffed clams

• Oysters - in the shell, shucked, frozen on the half shell

• Scallops - fresh dry packed sea scallops and bay scallops

• Mussels - fresh black mussels, New Zealand mussels

• Conch - whole cleaned, conch fritter, conch ceviche

• Crawfish - whole Louisiana crawfish, crawfish meat, crawfish boudine

• Stone crab claw - Oct. 15 - May 15

• Snow crab legs - large 5-8, jumbo 10 up

• King crab legs

• Dungeness crab legs

Added flavor

At Clayton's Crab Company, we help ensure your fish is flavorful! Enjoy our seasoning and spices, marinades, and condiments.

• Fresh whole fish - cut to order (changes throughout the day with daily local deliveries)

• Fresh fish fillets - grouper, snapper, Scottish salmon, tuna, tilapia, sword, mahi-mahi, specialty seasonal fish

• Squid - cleaned, uncleaned, tubes and tentacles, tubes only, breaded calamari rings

• Octopus - wholes (size varies)

Fish of all kinds

Drinks for all

Don't forget to pick up wine or beer to complement your meal!

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